Dryer repair near me

Dryer repair is our main service that we provide to our customers in Pinellas County, Tampa and nearby cities.

In this article we will tell you how our company repairs dryers. Never do it yourself, it is very dangerous because of the high voltage and moving mechanisms.


How does the dryer work?

There are many different types of dryers: front loading, top loading, gas dryers, electric dryers, stackable dryers, stand-alone dryers. We most often repair electric dryers. The main details of dryers are a heater, a lint trap, a tumbler and an exhaust vent. The clothes dry due to the flow of hot air. Let's look at the main breakdowns of dryers.

The dryer makes a noise.

Loud noise is one of the most common defects. There are two main reasons for this problem. The first reason is untimely maintenance of the appliance. It is necessary to do technical cleaning and grease the bearings on the rollers and pulley. The second cause is defective bearings on them, or their breakage.

These are the most popular reasons, but there are others.

  • Drum drives the drive belt, which over time tears and makes different noises.
  • Felt drum seals are made up of a felt-like material. If it is torn or worn, then clothing may become stuck, when the drum is turning. This causes noise when the dryer is running and tears in the clothes. It is necessary to replace drum seals.
  • Blower wheel in dryers is used to suck in air. The blower wheel is usually made of plastic, which will break over time. Since the blower wheel rotation speed is high, a loud knocking or roaring noise usually occurs when it malfunctions.
  • One of the most expensive parts of a dryer is the electric motor, which rotates the dryer fan and drum. A broken motor can make a different kind of noise.

Dryer doesn't start

This is the second most common trouble with the dryer. Our company often repairs dryers with this problem. Diagnosing the cause here is more complicated and requires knowledge of electronics. Let's look at the most popular breakdowns of a dryer that won't start. First, in each case, you must first check the voltage. If it's okay, then you need to check the door switch. It allows the dryer to start tumbling only when the door is closed.

Then the next thing to check is:

  • Fuse. Protects the dryer from power surges and short circuit.
  • Door switch. It allows the dryer to start tumbling only when the door is closed.
  • Push start switch. The button that starts the drying process.
  • Control board. Modern dryers are controlled by mini computers.
  • Timer. The dryer timer has a small motor that rotates its contacts and contact group.
  • Electric motor. Rotates the dryer fan and drum

Dryer not heating or not drying.

The most frequently broken part of the dryer is the heating parts. The heating element heats the air and passes through the clothes to dry them. If there is no heat, or not enough heat, the dryer will not dry the clothes. So what causes this problem, let's consider in detail.

First, the dryer runs from 220 volts, not from 110 volts. That is the first thing you need to check this voltage. If the voltage is normal, then you need to check the following parts:

These are the most popular reasons, but there are others.

  • Timer. It controls all parts of the dryer
  • Thermal fuse. It protects the dryer from overheating and from fire. Here we must go into more detail. If the thermal fuse has tripped, it is necessary to understand the cause of the tripping. For example, the dryer is dirty, then it is necessary to carry out technical cleaning. This is done primarily for safety reasons
  • Exhaust vent is not working properly. It is necessary to check the main exhaust vent, because the air flow is too low.
  • Heating element. The heating element of the dryer must be replaced with the replacement of all thermal fuses, usually they are sold as a set.

Samsung dryer no heat or makes noise.

This is a fairly popular type of dryer and very reliable. Usually the repair of a Samsung dryer is associated with the following malfunctions:

  • Dryer is not heating. This appliance repair is like any other, you need to check the voltage, thermal fuses, heating element.
  • Samsung dryer makes noise. If the dryer has not been serviced properly, there will be this breakdown. It is necessary to do a technical cleaning, replace the rollers and lubricate the necessary parts.

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