Washing machine repair near me

Washing machine repair is our main service that we provide to our customers in Pinellas County, Hillsborough County and Pasco County Florida.

In this article we will tell you how our company repairs washers. Never do it yourself, it is very dangerous because of the high voltage and moving mechanisms.


We repair all types of washers and all makes.

According to the type of loading clothes washing machines are divided into two types:

  • top-loading washing machine.
  • front-loading washing machine

The most popular breakdowns of washing machines that we repair:

  • washing machine doesn't start;
  • washing machine doesn't spin;
  • washing machine doesn't drain;
  • washing machine doesn't finish a cycle;
  • error code of the washing machine;
  • washing machine leaks;
  • washing machine makes a noise;
  • washing machine is out of balance.

These are just common problems. We understand that a washing machine is an important appliance, so we repair washers the same day.

How much does it cost to repair a washer?

Of course, the cost of washer repair depends directly on the complexity of the repair and the cost of parts. The average cost of washing machine repair is $200. The most expensive washing machine repair is replacing the control board or motor. We can repair even this problem on the same day.

Problems you can try to solve on your own.

Washing machine doesn't start

  • check the power supply;
  • check the circuit breaker;
  • check the door is closed.

Washing machine is out of balance.

  • if imbalance occurs, the first thing to check is whether you have overloaded the drum;
  • check if the washing machine is stable on all four supports;
  • set the washing machine by applying a level.

The imbalance problem is often solved by replacing the suspense road. But there are also cases of transmission or bearing wear. In that case, it may be cheaper to buy a new washing machine than to repair the old one. This problem is most common on top-loading washers, as they are less balanced than front-loading washers. But if your front-loading washer is unbalanced, there are usually three possible causes. The first is a trivial unscrewing of the ballasts. The second is deterioration of the center bearing. And the third reason is deterioration of the washer's shock absorbers.

Washing machine does not drain water.

If the washing machine does not drain, you can usually check the filter on the drain pump. This can mostly be done on front-loading washers. To do this, you need to open the small hatch on the bottom left on the front of the washer. Next, pull out the filter. If it is dirty, you must rinse it in the faucet with water. Then put it back in place and check again. If the problem is not solved, then most likely you need to replace the washing machine drain pump.

Washing machine doesn't spin.

If the washing machine does not spin, you must first check if the door is closed correctly. Maybe the door lock or the door switch is not working. Does the indicator light show that the door is closed? If it is blinking, the door lock must be replaced.

The next most common problem is a faulty shift actuator. It is only on top-loading washing machines and is located near the motor.

If you have an older model top-loading washing machine and it doesn't spin or rinse, you may have a broken motor coupling. This is an inexpensive part that is easily enough to be replaced by a technician with experience.

If your front-loading washer won't spin, the reason is as follows:

  • door lock does not work;
  • motor is broken;
  • rotor position sensor is defective;
  • faulty control board.

Washing machine does not complete the cycle.

If the washer does not complete the cycle, it means that one of the cycles is not working properly. We are often faced with repairing this problem. To properly diagnose the problem, you must run the test mode. In the diagnostic mode, the washing machine starts all cycles in sequence. If the washing machine does not have this function, it is necessary to run a normal washing mode and check at what point the problem occurs. Before calling an appliance repair company, try unplugging the washing machine for 10 minutes. In 20 percent of cases this solves the problem, which is caused by a software error in the control board of the washing machine. If the washer doesn't complete the cycle, what could be the reason:

  • water valve does not work or the water tap is closed;
  • door lock is not working;
  • unbalance sensor has triggered;
  • washing machine is not draining;
  • water pressure sensor does not work;
  • rotor position sensor defective;
  • wire breakage;
  • control board does not work.

We fix all types of appliances. To learn more, visit our home page.

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